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Prophylaxis- Today your pet had a dental prophylaxis which involved cleaning, polishing and a complete dental exam. Please keep in mind that softened food may need to be fed up to two weeks if there were extractions. Pain medication was used prior to the procedure so despite the possibility of discomfort, it will be minimal with the prescribed medication.

I.V. Fluids- Your pet had an intravenous catheter placed into his or her leg to allow us to administer I.V. fluids throughout the dental procedure. The use of fluids helps to minimize risk, maintain blood pressure, and gives us a quick intravenous route to administer medication if the need arises. Please discourage excessive licking of the shaved area where the catheter had been. We have many suggestions that can help you minimize excessive attention to the area, please feel free to call for assistance. You may also find that your pet may need to urinate more often for a day or so because of these fluids.

Anesthesia- Your pet had anesthesia, you may find that your companion will be sleepier than normal and less able to manage stairs. We recommend you restrict activity until you are convinced that your pet is able to get around satisfactorily. Vomiting can occur as well as a decreased appetite, if this should go on for more than 12 hours, please call.

Extractions- If your pet had extractions today you may see a small amount of bleeding, especially when eating or drinking. We recommend softened food for 7-14 days depending on how many and which teeth were extracted. The softened food can be your pet’s normal dry food mixed with hot water and allowed to sit for at least 20 minutes before serving. It would be best to remove chewing toys and rawhides for the next two weeks as well, if there were extractions. We recommend that you start brushing teeth the day after the dental procedure, just try to avoid those areas where teeth were removed.

Oravet- If you chose the option to apply Oravet, we applied this product to your pet’s teeth as the final step in the dental procedure. This is a product that should be used weekly starting 7 days from today. Do not brush teeth for 24 hours following the application of Oravet. The best time to apply Oravet would be right before bed after brushing.

Doxirobe- An antibiotic compound is used in areas where the gingival tissue (gum tissue) has deep pockets that was formerly filled with plaque, now removed and filled with the Doxirobe. This product helps the gum tissue regain its healthy state and reconnect to the tooth; it remains in place for 10-14 days. Teeth that have Doxirobe applied should not be brushed for at least 10 days.

If at anytime you have any questions whatsoever pertaining to the Dental procedure or anything else, please don’t hesitate to call The Foley Blvd. Animal Hospital at 763-755-3595.