Holiday Hazards by Donna Barr

The sights, sounds, and smells of the season are here. Temptation may be everywhere for your pets.

Christmas trees filled with sparkling, breakable ornaments, tinsel, string, ribbon, electrical lights and cords can all harm you dog if ingested. Some glass ornaments break into tiny shards of glass causing a problem if ingested or stepped on.

Mistletoe, especially the berries can be quite toxic to your dogs and cats. Holly and poinsettia plants can cause digestive upsets and irritation of the mouth.

Chocolate can be toxic to your pets. Remember to keep all Holiday treats out of your pets reach. It’s also a good idea to keep your pet on his or her regular diet during the Holiday. Fight the urge to share special treats with your pet during this time.

Be careful with decorations made of food. Marshmellows made into snowmen and held together by tooth picks can cause serious damage if your pet eats them. This time of year we are cooking and baking all kinds of wonderful smelling goodies. Remember to be careful with the garbage.

Salt on our streets, drive ways, and sidewalks can cause damage to your dogs paws. Check them after walks. Boots are a good way to avoid problems.

Antifreeze-ethylene glycol can be particularly tempting to your pet. It has a sweet taste and a few ounces can be fatal.

Remember the Holidays are a busy time of the year. Guests coming and going can cause stress for you and your pet. With all the coming and going make sure you keep an eye on the door and the gates in your yard. The last thing you need is for your pet to escape. Make sure your pets have a safe haven where they can get away for awhile and relax. Maybe the back bedroom, downstairs, upstairs, some place quiet.