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As Veterinary Medicine advances, dentistry has taken on an important role in maintaining a pets comfort and health. In the past, we recognized dental problems, but didn’t fully appreciate the impact those, seemingly minor, problems were having on our beloved animals. Because dogs are pack animals, they are reluctant to show pain if at all possible. To show pain would attract attention from the rest of the pack and often get the dog hurt or worse, so they would bite the proverbial bullet and keep their discomfort to themselves. Cats also keep much of their discomfort to themselves for other reasons, and they would only display their discomfort in subtle ways, decreased appetite, head shaking when attempting to eat, or just avoiding food consumption altogether. We are now more aware of the pain these dental conditions can cause. With the advances in Veterinary Dentistry, we not only can recognize the problem areas, but we can also manage and resolve the problems before they become overwhelming. One huge area of Advancement in Veterinary Dentistry is the new high speed drills and cutting tools that allow us to extract multiple rooted teeth with ease and minimal trauma, thereby speeding up the overall healing process and returning your pet to pain free status. Because of our years of work with retired greyhounds, which are known for difficult dental challenges because of the high quality but stew-like diet they are fed at the track, we have had extensive experience in managing extremely challenging mouths. We save those teeth that can be managed by their owners daily brushing and we remove those teeth that will prove to be near impossible to maintain in a good state of health. At FBAH we are very well trained in the Art of Brushing and teach all our dentistry patients owners how to manage their dental issues at discharge.