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The use of endoscopy allows the Veterinarian to evaluate internal areas in a non-invasive fashion. If your pet is experiencing vomiting issues and all blood tests and x-rays fail to indicate the cause, endoscopy is a wonderful option. With endoscopy we are able to, under anesthesia, pass a scope into the stomach allowing us to view all areas from the oral cavity through the esophagus, into the stomach and into the small intestine. The endoscope also gives us the ability to biopsy all those areas and get answers that would otherwise require a much more risky and invasive exploratory surgery. We are also able to remove some gastric (stomach) foreign bodies depending on their shape and other characteristics. With endoscopy we can also enter the other end of the problem and perform colonoscopies, evaluate lumps and take biopsies from those tissues, once again in a non-invasive fashion. Lastly we are able to evaluate the back of the nose for the presence of foreign bodies or growths or tumors. Performing endoscopy has a definite learning curve. We, at Foley Blvd. have been performing Endoscopies for 25 years and are very experienced with this valuable device. Endoscopy is a very excellent tool to have in our arsenal of managing your pet’s problems, our results with this piece of equipment can be remarkable.